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Soldering need not be a chore for modelers. You must start with a good soldering iron which has a clean tinned tip. Use Lead Free Tip Tinner to tin and keep your iron clean and tinned. Apply Supersafe™ Flux to the item to be soldered. Apply a small amount of solder to the soldering iron tip, then hold the iron on the objects to be soldered. You must form a bridge of solder between the iron and the item in order to have good heat transfer. As soon as the small amount of solder on the iron starts to flow onto the object, apply more solder as required to complete the joint. It is a good flux that makes soldering easier. The flux performs two functions. First it cleans the metal that is being soldered, then it makes the solder flow properly. Supersafe™ flux start this cleaning action as soon it is applied, thus making soldering easier. We recommend you use plain warm water to remove excess flux on circuit boards. For soldering Model RR rail and other general soldering using Supersafe™, as long as an excess amount is not applied, and joint is heated properly, flux will be neutralized and need not be washed off.  

Model RR


60% TIN 40% LEAD

Solid Wire

.031” (.8mm) Diameter

Requires a flux

Melts 460 deg. F (237 deg. C)

Strong - 5 times 60/40

Excellent strength and  good vibration resistance for sound joints in many applications. Low melting temperature and bonding of all the ferrous and non-ferrous alloys including stainless, nickel, copper, brass, tin, some steel. Safe to use on water systems.

Great for RR Track work.

Use with Flux No.71.

Solid Wire

.031" (.8mm) Diameter

Requires a flux

Melts 430 deg. F (221 deg. C)

Use on most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Cable wiring and connections.  

Great for Electrical work

PC Boards.

General all around soldering

Not safe for water systems, see below.

Solder Made by Kapp Alloy, in the USA, of only the highest purity metals, they have been making solder for 50 years. We sell no imported solder.

available in: 1 Ounce Pkg & 1 pound rolls


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91% Tin  9% Zinc For Aluminum

Solid Wire Solder means NO core chemicals (Rosin, Acids and others) which could interfere with our Fluxes when soldering.

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See Warning about Lead Solder Below

First Landing of the Mongoose II 40  (perfect)

Flown by: Tracy Ackeret

Designed and built by Harold & Tracy Ackeret

Model Aircraft 1 Lb 60/40 Tin/Lead Solder


60/40 Tin/Lead Solder

 Contains Lead which may be harmful to your health. Lead is known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Federal and State laws prohibit the use of Lead Solder in making joints in any private or public portable (drinking) water supply system.

After handling solder, wash hands with soap and water.

Statement On Solder Conflict Minerals

1 Lb 96/4 Tin/Silver Solder

We are confident you will find soldering much easier if you use Supersafe™ Flux, and keep your iron tip tinned with Lead Free Tip Tinner.

Click for tips on using Superior No.1260, 1261, flux for aluminum and other metals. All works great for soldering LiPoly Cells..

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Keep your soldering iron working properly


See SDS 96/4 ; SDS 60/40 for complete information





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