Cleaning Iron Tip using No.1260 Using Superior Np.1260 with a torch

Tips for using Superior No.1260, 1261 Soldering Flux

Superior Aluminum Soldering Fluxes are very versatile. Not only does it give you the ability to solder aluminum, but other metals as well. We have noticed in our working with the flux it tends to char and leave a coating on soldering guns and irons. Temperature range of flux is 350 deg. - 550 deg. F (1776 - 288 deg. C).  A simple way to clean tips, place some of the flux into a small container, (see photo) then placing the tip of the Hot iron or gun into the flux and wipe the tip immediately with a wet cloth or sponge, this will help remove the residue. DO NOT use chemicals, this will only set the flux and make it harder to remove. We have found a small butane or propane torch is one way to solder with No.1260 1261. This of course takes some practice, so as not to overheat the flux, which will cause the flux to char and render it useless. Use Superior Aluminum Flux only with adequate ventilation, and avoid skin contact and/or breathing vapors. The use of our 91/9 Tin/Zinc solder works well on aluminum. As for other metals, any appropriate solder will work. Our 96/4 Tin/Silver works well on most metals. The residue on soldered items will clean off using hot water, since the flux and residues are completely water soluble.

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