A copper braid that aids in removing solder. Every so often it is necessary to remove solder. Not always an easy task, but this solder wick, wicks out the solder when placed on the joint and heated. We carry two type of braid. One is coated with a No Clean Flux. The other is not coated with any flux. We tested many desoldering braids, Chemtronics was the best.

The No Clean braid is coated with a non corrosive, halide free, organic no clean flux, it is 5 feet long. Place on joint and heat with soldering iron.

The Unflux braid, YOU apply a flux to the braid and then use as normal. We suggest you use Supersafe™ No.30 Liquid. Just dip the braid into some No.30 Liquid every time you need to unsolder a spot. Place on joint and heat with soldering iron. We suggest you take some No.30 and place it into a smaller container just to use with the braid, so as to not contaminate your larger bottle of flux if something should get on the braid. This braid is 10 feet long

 SD= Static Dissipation

Soder-Wick Empty 1/2 oz jar

½  oz. Empty Jar, Use for dipping UnFluxed Soder-Wick® into flux.  You Fill W/Flux, we recommend Supersafe™ No.30 Liquid.

Also great for small part storage.


See SDS for complete information

No-Clean SD

Unfluxed SD

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A must have to keep your soldering iron tip in good condition.

 96/4 Tin/Silver Solder

Page 5 - 60/40 96/4 Page 17 - Tip

½ Oz. Empty Jars 5 each

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