Superior No.30

Easy to Use
VOC-Free, Organic, Water Soluble
  Contains NO Rosins or Strong Acids

Active 200 - 600 deg. F (95 - 315 deg. C)

Cleans up with hot water

Solder Brass, Copper, Pewter, Nickel,

Nickel/Silver, some Steel **  Excellent for all electronics

  The Double Strength version of Supersafe™ Liquid in certain conditions promotes faster and better solderability then regular No.30. Mix equal parts DS flux with purified or distilled water to create Regular Supersafe™. Saves on shipping.

 We recommend using solid wire solder with this flux,

which will give a stronger and cleaner joint

Lead Free Tip Tinner to keep your iron working properly.

 No. 30 has been The Standard since 1949 for environmentally safe and high performance, easy to use Soldering Flux.

NO Shipping Restrictions

** Information on washing No. 30 flux off Model RR rail after soldering


DS available in:  2, 4, 8 Fluid Ounce bottles

Excerpts from Wiring for DCC by Allan Gartner

Visit Allan At:

Liquid flux isn't as convenient as rosin core fluxes.  Or so it would seem.  H&N Electronics markets Supersafe™ flux which works as advertised.  I've tried liquid fluxes before, but none impressed me enough to give up using rosin core solder until I came across this product.


Solder joints look great and are more quickly obtained.  If you find soldering difficult, try this liquid flux.  You are not left with a residue which contributes to cold solder joints.  You will find the solder flows completely over your joint.  Quicker soldering means less likelihood of melting ties.

I use their gel, which is more like a syrup than a paste, for soldering to HO track.  Just dip solid (no core) solder in the gel.  The drop can then be applied to the side of the rail.  You will find liquid flux makes it effortless to solder to the side of weathered rail.  (Weathered rail can be hard to solder even after the weathering is removed with a Dremel.)

Their liquid works great for G nickel-silver and for attaching all feeders to buses.

H&N Electronics Supersafe™ Flux is great!  Amateur and advanced solderers will wonder how you ever soldered without it.

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 Mongoose II40                 A Pair of Mongoose II60

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Harold and Tracy Ackeret

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The Mongoose II 60 was published in RC Modeler in March 1983 plan # 884

The Mongoose II 40 was published in RC Modeler in January 1985 Plan #929 Both aircraft designed for Pattern flying and were tail draggers.

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